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You’re not going to try one more fad diet that leaves you feeling hungry and deprived. What’s the point? When the beast-hunger-attacks you grab the nearest Twinkie or double-chocolate brownie.

Eventually you give up on your struggle to lose weight and go back to your old, bad eating habits. You may have given up on weight loss, but at least you’re not miserable. (Besides, your spouse and kids have threatened to leave for parts unknown if you don’t adjust your attitude. So once again you shelve your plan to star on The Biggest Loser.) It doesn’t have to be this way. You can lose the weight, keep it off and beat the beast at the same time. The But I’m Hungry! diet/life plan provides the exact combination of healthy foods and lifestyle changes you need to lose weight, feel great and never be hungry again. No more fad diets, just healthy living.

On this site you’ll find stories by people just like you who have had success following one or more components of our plan. Go to What Works for Me to find out what they did and how they did it. (We invite you to send us your own story. And we still have some time before the book’s publication, so we may be able to include your tale.) And, in her Dietitian’s Diary blog, Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, shares her thoughts about nutrition and food for health.

We’ll also pass along some cooking light recipes-a small sample of the dozens of recipes we’ll include in the book. And we invite you to send your favorite, healthy recipes to share.

Not quite ready to gest started? We invite you to use our site as a tool to help you get ready for your new life. Think of us as your own personal cheerleading squad.


But I’m Hungry! is my absolute favorite book title, ever. I also love the cover. Plus I have a pesky 10 (well, maybe 20) pounds I’m desperate to lose. So I was really looking forward to reading this book! And what a great book it is. But I’m Hungry! looks at weight loss from a totally new angle, working with rather than against hunger, that is so logical and refreshing. The book is written in an engaging, friendly, yet still authoratative tone. It’s full of motivating facts (if I lose one pound, it will take four pounds of pressure off my knees; no wonder my knees ache!) and actionable tips (stay hydrated because dehydration often mimics hunger!), enlightening quizzes (which meal should I choose in a restaurant?), success stories (such as one by a blogger for the Dr. Oz show), and delicious recipes (like Pumpkin Pancakes!). But I’m Hungry! introduces the Satisfaction Solution, a genius idea. It also features recipe grids, where you choose items from different columns to mix and match dishes, with hundreds of combinations, such as the Breakfast Granola Grid. It literally offers something for everyone! I highly recommend this book to people who need to lose weight, and to people who need to help the people they love lose weight.” Jennifer Bright Reich, coauthor of The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year (The Mommy MD Guides)

“If you have found yourself frustrated while trying to lose weight because you are hungry, But I’m Hungry! is the e-book for you. This program is the first comprehensive plan that looks at how hunger can keep you from losing weight. But I’m Hungry! offers sound advice that can benefit your weight and your health. Simply following the information in this eBook can finally help you tackle hunger.” Diets in

But I’m Hungry is a great, no-nonsense explanation of the science and psychology behind hunger.  The detailed information in this book and tools such as can make all the difference for anyone trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.” Anita Jones-Mueller, President & Founder, Healthy Dining &

But I’m Hungry! is one of the most creative, encouraging, and positive books in existence to help those who struggle with their weight. It is an honor to be a part of such a caring book that creates true solutions for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This book will make you feel better about yourself instantly.” Shaun Zetlin, Certified Master Trainer in the New York Metro Area.

“This is an excellent plan for anyone who has ever tried and failed at weight loss. By understanding and tapping into the “satisfaction solution” to help you maximize the pleasure quotient of your meals, you will be on your way to a healthier, leaner body. Be ready to change your life.” Barbara Mendez, Registered Pharmacist and Nutritionist.

“As a psychologist, I treat many overweight adults who are depressed and frustrated from repeatedly falling for quick-fix diets that aren’t sustainable.  What a relief it is to have But I’m Hungry on hand.  This immensely practical book teaches a manageable program for losing weight and keeping it off – without losing your mind.  The authors understand that long-term weight loss is accomplished by combining the right foods at the right times within a balanced, nourishing lifestyle.  All the ingredients for successful eating are right here and they’re easy to digest, making But I’m Hungry a very satisfying read.” Amy Wood, Psy.D., Author of Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World

“Fun, interesting, and practical information to help individuals overcome the challenge of what to eat, when to eat it and why to eat it to help them achieve and  maintain their health and weight management goals.  Marie and Crystal have done an outstanding job of taking the science of nutrition and delivering it a sound, reliable, easy-to-read fashion.  A must-have handbook for anyone interested in eating healthy.” Lisa Bunce, MS, RD, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Writer, Speaker, App Developer

“But I’m Hungry! helps people be more thoughtful in their eating – not just mindlessly following bad habits.” Dana Simpler, MD,  Physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Md.

“But I’m Hungry! is an easy-to-digest primer for healthy eating habits. It helps newbies learn to eat better without dieting, and it’s a good refresher for people working to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” Jennette Fulda, author of Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir

“But I’m Hungry! is a great resource for people who struggle with decoding their hunger and fullness cues and are looking to lose weight or maintain their current weight. Plus, the meals created by dietitian Crystal Petrello are well balanced and full of nutrients – exactly what everyone needs!” Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RD, CDN, Founder of Nutritioulicious.

“We at MealLogger, the visual meal journal, are happy to be associated with the But I’m Hungry book. But I’m Hungry delivers positive, practical steps one can take to build awareness of dietary habits using a food journal, making healthful food choices and realizing change. We hope But I’m Hungry readers and fans enjoy putting the book’s message into action using MealLogger.”Nicholas Wuorenheimo, Founder, MealLogger.